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Greek Honey

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A+ Quality NUTS ,Grown Up With Love By Local Farmers.



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From 22/11/2021 until 28/11/2021 all of our products are discounted at -20%, plus we offer free shipping for orders of 50€ or more!

About Ermioni Greek Traditional Products

Ermioni Products grew out of the idea to spread the best Greek’s sense of taste beyond the local borders.

By travelling around the country we constantly find different products of high quality our country is generously offering us.
Regarding food as a mainstay of Greek lifestyle we try to support only products of local farmers and using our own remarkable harvest. Everything is chosen 100% deliberately, with lots of love and patience.
Our vision is to provide consumers with new, healthy facets of the unique regional cuisine so one can get into exploring more aspects of the Greek gastronomic culture.
The utmost aim is to pleasure you with every meal. Ermioni Products guarantees an extraordinary and unforgettable experience that your palate will thank you for.

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